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140W 3.3/5.0V Rail?


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I just received my new 520HX Power Supply, and was surprised to see that it is only rated for 140W on the 3.3V/5v rail. I see in my motherboard manual (Asus A7M266-D) that the motherboard requires 180W of combined wattage to be available on those voltages. I haven't yet used my new 520HX yet, in case I have to return it.


I was under the impression that modern processors (I'm using Athlon MPs, so not super-modern...) used 12V into their voltage regulators to provide main CPU power. If that's the case, than what's using 180W on 3.3V/5V? If not, why doesn't the HX520 provide more than 140W? Can anyone guess what the chances are that this motherboard will work fine with this power supply?


(I have dual Athlon MP 2000+ CPUs, a single Mattrox Millenium G550 video card -- not a real power hog, three hard drives, and two optical drives.)



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