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My Dominators are not Dominating anymore...

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I have 2 1GB modules of XMS2-6400 which after working flawlessly for a month have begun to malfunction causing a number of BSDs. The primary reported reason for the BSD is a "memory management" issue.


I have performed the following:


1) Checked voltages.

2) Disabled legacy USB

3) Run memtest (which reports an immediate unspecified memory/hardware issue).

4) Attempted to reinstall the O/S with no success.

5) Attempted to run in Safe Mode to eliminate the possibility of a driver issue...no luck.

6) Finally, went out and purchased new memory sticks....and mysteriously the issues vanished.


The bad news? I believe my old memory sticks are bad. The good news...once they are replaced, I have twice the memroy.


Please advise.

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