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Compatibility issues with VS1GB533D2


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I build new systems using three different brands of mainboards, BIOSTAR, MSI, and INTEL. I have been experiencing compatibility issues with all three when I use the VS1GB533D2 memory module. I discovered that there are TWO styles of this model of memory. One uses an “ELPIDA” IC chip while the other uses a “Corsair” labeled IC chip. The “ELPIDA” is the same brand IC that US Modular uses. I also had compatibility issues with their memory module. When I use the VS1GB533D2 memory module with the “Corsair” IC, I do not experience these problems. But when I use the “ELPIDA” IC RAM, I experience problems while installing Windows. Errors include “cannot copy file…”, “cannot format this drive…”, and I also have problems with Windows updates not being able to install.
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