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hey ram guy


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i have the dreaded striker mobo and i am having problems with getting it to boot with 2//1gb sticks of ram. it will boot with just one in slot 1. if i install second one it will beep like it has no memory installed. i was told to ask you for manual specs to set memory by an asus tech..funny huh! also this mobo was rma one time . i know your really busy but i need your help and am kind of a noob but good on directions.thank you

intels c2d e6800 2.93ghz

striker extreme with new 1004 bios

2gb of corsair dominatoe 6400

2//asus 8800gtx video cards

150gb wd raptor

creatives xfi-fatality

2 plextor dvd-r's

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First boot with one stick:


Go into the bios, Go to

First: "AI Tuning -> Select Manual"

Second: "Go to System Voltages, Set Voltage for Memory to 2..05v"

Third: Go to Overclocking, Select Memory Timing Schedule. Set timings to 4-4-4-12 Command Rate 2T and Auto for the rest.

Fourth: Go back 2 screens to AI Tuning and go to FSB and Memory Config. Select Unlinked. Reboot Computer.

Fifth: Go back to "Ai Tuning -> FSB and Memory Config" and select memory speed of 800. Place second stick of ram in.

Sixth: Reboot computer and your memory speed is now 800. Easy as pi.

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