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What timings is corsair vs512mb400 capable of?


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I bought a used computer with one stick of vs512MB400 advertised to run at

2,5-3-3-8 2t timings and one stick of 256 MB ram nanya ram advertised to run at 3-3-3-8 timings at some unspecified T value. And my motherboard is quite capable of using PC3200 ddr ram.


With the bios set at auto memory timings, the combination of ram modules was reported to be running at slightly less than pc2100 speeds by various benchmarking programs. Attempt one to get faster speeds involved entering overclock mode in the bios and setting the ram to run at pc3200 3-3-3-8 with 2T timings. My mistake was setting ram clocking in syn with the rest of the bus--and the bios soon reset itself to auto but still left the ram running at PC2700.--Reading the fine print on the mobo manual said I should run asyn memory settings and its too early to tell if this will keep the ram running at PC3200. And I should mention that before and after, memtest86 reports no ram errors. And I am not really overclocking--I am only trying to get stock settings.


But the lesson is clear---running different sizes and specification ram, even in DDR mode, is going to lead to unpredictable results in a given computer. And my upgrade path is fairly clear in a very superficial way---since I have only two ram slots on the mobo, another stick of vs512mb400 ram should replace the 256 MB stick of nanya ram.


I am somewhat sorry for the long buildup to my real question--and will now explain what I meant by superficial. (1) One gigabyte total ram would fit my computer needs quite well running my existing OS of win xp pro. But may not support my needs if I run vista. So buying a stick of corsair vs1GB400 that would give me a total 1.5 gigabytes of ram might be a better option if I decide to upgrade to vista. But then I am dealing with ram timings of 3-3-3-8 and I assume a 2T timing---and in a DDR single channel set up, does it matter which slot the larger stick of ram is in? (2) Since I am price conscious, I am looking at both the used and new ram markets. And have no idea what bargains may become available. But its also possible that I may run across a pair of faster 512MB PC3200 corsair ram modules that will run the more aggressive timings of CL2 at a 1 T timing. Or even a gigabyte stick of the same. But in the former case, both the vs512MB400 stick and the 256 MB sticks would be replaced. And I may well have plans for that 512MB stick of

vs512mb400----and those plans would be to use it on my wifes computer--which is based on a mobo only capable of PC2100---and with only two ram slots now populated by a pair of 256 MB ram modules that are very similar to corsair vs256MB266. Pitching one stick or the other would get my wifes computer up from having a total of 512MB ram to a more healthy 768 MB. But the question is or becomes---will vs512MB400 downclock to to PC2100 speeds and at what settings---right now my wifes computer runs both 256 MB sticks at the full PC2100 settings of 2.5-3-3-6 with a presumed 2T timings----and would a stick of vs512mb400 have better timings at PC2100 speeds or would she then be stuck at 3-3-3-8 timings at a PC2100


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