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Flash Voyager 4 gig


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Hmm, bought it a couple of months ago... It worked great... and then all of the sudden, whammy! It stopped working, first it wouldnt load onto the OS... Then i finaly got it to load.... Then it started to tell me that it was write protected so i reformated it... and it still said it... im guessing that since it was doing those exact same things on several different computers that it was the flash drive... If you move it a certain way, it will kick back on and let you write to it. (Im guess that its write wires wasnt making a connection with the usb port...


Can i get this replaced? Its not water damaged or anything like that. Ive taken great care of it... I still even have the cap (yes, i still have the cap... im amazed at that fact too... please everyone keep from applauding) lol


help plz :-p

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