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Adding 2GB Already have 1GB CM2X512A-6400


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I would like to add an additional 2GBs of RAM to my computer, taking me to 3GB. I currently have 1GB CM2X512A-6400 (2x512) 2.1v and I only have 2 open slots. I was looking at the CM2X1024-6400 1.9v. I found both under the same category and they both have the same 5-5-5-12 timings. The only difference is the voltage 2.1v vs. 1.9v. Can I do this? Will my motherboard send the correct voltages?


My motherboard is the ASUS P5N-E SLI.


I also noticed my RAM reads: XMS6405v4.1 -- Do I have to find RAM that matches this exactly? At the least I need to upgrade to 2GB (1GB additional).


If I need to be looking at a different memory module please let me know. Also, I thought I needed two but would I be able to buy just 1 module? I guess, I don't understand if they need to be in pairs.



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