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D975xbx2 and 6400C3DF Dominator


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MB: Intel D975xbx2

Memory: TWIN2X2048-6400C3DF 2gig pack

Processor: 6600 2.4 ghz

Video: eVGA 8800gts

Power Supply: Antec 550watt


Hello. I am new to overclocking and changing memory configs and I was wondering if someone could offer some assistance. I installed the memory on this machine and it is posting as 5-5-5-18 in the bios so it looks like it using the JEDEC standard. I know this memory suports 3-4-3-9 and I think the xbx2 supports epp so shouldnt it make it 3-4-3-9 by default? Maybe I'm confused here on what epp is/does.


So is it ok to change these settings manually in the bios? I have heard horror stories of poeple not being able to boot after so I thought it wise to ask first. I looked in my bios quick and it looks like you just select the manual setup and put in the 3-4-3-9 values and select 2.4v...right? If anyone would be so kind as to give this newbie a step by step for configuring the memory I would be GREATLY appreciated.



Couple other quick questions:

-I dont want to install the fans for noise reasons. My case is very cool, should I worry about leaving the fan module out?

-Can anyone recommend a good newb resource to overlcocking the 6600 processor? I guess it has the capability to overclock safely.

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  • Corsair Employees

Please manually set the timings to the following and test each module one at a time:


Do not use EPP Profile

DRAM Voltage: 2.4v

MCH Voltage: 1.5v

TCL: 3


TRP: 3



All other timings at default values or Auto.

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I already sent the kit back for a refund. The machine wouldnt even post - just three beeps. I installed other memory and it booted fine.. Strange!


I ordered some of your xms2 memory this time.. Hopefully its more stable. If it also fails, I'm going back to Cru c ial memory.


BTW, why doesnt the memory auto-set the speeds? Isnt this the point of that little chip on the board?

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