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voltage noise


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I am sorry about the delay, and no it should not buzz or make any noise like that, please let me know if you have the same problem with the new unit!



My 520 has had the voltage noise since day 1. It is significantly louder then my case fan (120mm yate loon). Although I admit, the sound had me immediately suspecting that something was wrong with the psu. Aside from visiting FAQ @ corsair.com and finding no answers, I had no time to research further, besides it seemed to be powering my system just fine.


After about a month and no more then 10 hours of running time. I have aquired a few new problems: powering on has approx 5s lag and also just today a new high speed clicking sound. Pulsating at about a dozen clicks each second. This is not created by the 120mm fan either. I know this because the sound is in synch only when the circuit is powered on. The fan continues to move after the clicking stops when i open the circuit back up.

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