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Do I have to send all modules back?


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I have 2 x (vs1gbkit400) or 4x512 value select modules. They are from an RMA from July 2006. One pair has decided to stop working together. I have tested all independently-no errors, but one in dual channel with any other gives errors. So I need to send at least one back, but currently, I am rma'ing one pair. The other pair, I have tested extensively and they run perfect together.


I know Corsair wants me to send back all four modules, but I plan to keep the working pair to keep my computer running. What is the chance that the pair I get back from the RMA will not work with the pair I currently have?

What differences would keep the same brand/model of memory from running in dual channel together.


Is it a really bad idea to not send all four modules back?


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