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VS512MB400 + K8T Neo2-FIR


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Have set: MSI K8T Neo2-FIR >Bios>Cell Menu>DRAMspeed>333DDR.

The computer won't even bring up bios with 4 x VS512MB400 in slots 1 to 4.

Currently this computer works with 1+2 @ VS512MB400 @ 400DDR + 333DDR settings on Main board Bios.

Again the 1+2 VS512MB400 are chips on both sides,

the 3+4(recently purchased from NewwEGG)

VS512MB400 are chips on one side (07070534-0-512787) (07070534-0512794).


HOw can I get 2 GB @ 333DDR ?


Help is appreciated !:confused:

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