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Corsair Value Select 512mb DDR400 - Major Errors = No Boot


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Hi RamGuy/Forum Dudes,


I have had a stick of Corsair Value Select VS512MB400C3 ram for over a year now and in the last two weeks it has developed major problems. It was in one system where errors/blue screens would happen all the time and I spent hours trying to figue out what was the problem. I took this memory module out of the system and with it running other stick of the same kind it worked perfectly.


When I put the module in my main system, it recognises it sometimes and can not even boot into windows without a blue screen, but most of the time it just hangs with nothing happening except power. It is not the hardware as it works fine on the exact same memory module types, it's just this stick that causes errors.


Any ideas? Can i submit an RMA now?


Thanks! :)



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