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What does the warranty apply to?


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The goal was to purchase a GT stick through a shop here in Canada. That said, I came across this paragraph:


What does the warranty apply to?


This lifetime warranty applies to parts that were purchased from Corsair-authorized resellers, or were supplied by Corsair directly. Authorized resellers are resellers who are listed on Corsair's web site at the time of module purchase.



1 - Does that mean that I would not be covered under the lifetime warranty?


2 - In this case, I should order from NCIX then?


3- It says "...or were supplied by Corsair directly" . Does that imply that we can buy directly from Corsair?



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Flash Voyager GT

Corsair's Rugged Flash Drive Designed and Built for Speed




Plug & Play functionality in Windows® Vista, XP, 2000, ME, Linux 2.4 and later, Mac OS 9, X and later

Includes the True Crypt security application allowing for a virtual encrypted drive using AES-256 encryption

Lanyard and USB extension cable included

ReadyBoost™ compatible

Ten year warranty


2) You'll get the full 10 year warranty.


3) Probably means it applies to review items. Corsair doesn't sell to the public directly.


Also, please do not bump a thread within 24 hours! Your first post was at 3:46 AM PST, and your second was at 9:24 AM PST! You have to give them time to:


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Thanks Wired, and you are correct we do not sell direct, but that means that we will honor the warranty from our direct resellers for the life of the warranty or to their customer. But not if you purchase from another end user.






Always do the ears few other places too LOL!

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