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Dear sir/madam,


I have a question about combining the VS1GBKIT 400, with the VS 2GBKIT 400C3. My mainbord is a asus p5 GD1 Pro and I have installed 3 GB of memory with dual channel setup. The problem is that my bios detects only pc 2700 speed instead of 3200. Is it possible to change the memory timings to get a configuration running on 3200? I've treid to run on 2 GB without my 1 GB kit. Then the board detected a speed of 3200. Is there a differance in timing between the two kits?


Thanks in advance,


Your's sincerly,


Simon de Waal (the Netherlands)

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I am sorry but you should not mix memory and that is normal, in some cases the MB may not even post with miss matched memory installed. I would suggest just using the Two one Gig modules for best performance.
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