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Does any of your memory actually WORK???

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When I started buying components for my new system, I decided to go with Corsair memory because you had a good reputation, and I had read some good reviews. Take a listen to my experience so far....


First off, here's a list of components I started with:


MSI 975X Platinum Powerup Edition MB

Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 w/Stock Cooling Fan

ATI Radeon X1650 PCI-E video card (512MB)

CoolerMaster eXtreme Power 430W PSU

Western Digital 320GB SATA HD

LG SuperMulti DVD writer

Raidmax Sirius Case

Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400 memory

Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit


I bought the memory (as well as most of the other components) from zipzoomfly.com. Right out of the box, one of the 2 sticks was bad. I was able to run the system on the one good stick, so I initiated an RMA for the bad one. The same night I packaged up the bad stick, the one running my machine crapped out. So now I've got a machine that went from functioning nicely to dead in the water in a matter of 3 days.


I amended the RMA to include both sticks, packaged them up and sent them via Insured Mail back to Corsair. That was on Monday, as of Friday I'm told it still hasn't been received. I was disappointed it was taking so damn long to get from Louisiana to California, and I can't be without a computer for 2 weeks, so I decided to give Corsair another chance. Surely the odds of 4 sticks all being bad is absolutely absurd and I'll be able to run my machine until the replacement sticks come in.... then I can run my system with 4GB when all's said and done.


Well, I was apparently wrong on the absurdity of 4 sticks all being bad. I got my 2nd pack of TWIN2X2048-6400 sticks today. I plugged 'em in, booted up, went into the BIOS to configure.... and locked up.


I was feeling pretty damn disgusted... In 2 weeks I've dropped over $400 on these sticks, and now I'm about to have to RMA ANOTHER 2 STICKS!!!


Before I freak out completely... I give Corsair a call. After 30 minutes of redialing, I finally get a technical support rep. This guy blames my power supply... says it's not pushing enough amps to power all my components. I personally thought that sounded like a cop-out, but I sucked it up and took it as if it was actually a possible problem even though my machine functioned nicely while that one stick lasted.


My local Office Depot happened to have a 550W Antec PSU in stock that should be more than enough power to feed the machine. So I drop another $150 on that. I get home, install the new PSU, boot up again.... same damn problem.


I tested each stick individually.... one locked up a little slower than the other, but both still locked up and now the reality is that I've dropped close to $600 and still have NOTHING.


I'm still stuck waiting on my RMA (the number of that RMA is in another of my posts if you guys want to look it up), borrowing a computer from someone else, while the machine I shelled out over a grand for (close to $2K now) sits collecting dust because you guys can't seem to make a functioning memory module.


Tell me.... what exactly am I to do here??? When I get the replacements back, what are the chances those aren't going to be useless crap like the first ones? I'm really tempted to get my RMA replacements, E-bay them unopened, and go buy memory from someone who can GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.


One thing's for certain... I won't be spending another DIME on Corsair memory for as long as I live, and I'm going to make sure nobody I know makes the same mistake.


This is beyond ridiculous. Corsair needs to get its **** together.

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  • Corsair Employees

First thing, all of our modules are tested on a MB at the rated speed and no matter who's memory you use if you had this problem it would suggest some other problem. And what you have posted would suggest some other problem.

When we talk to someone we do try and make suggestions based on the problems you report, however, it ultimately your responsibility to have the resources available for trouble shooting any problem when you take on building your system. That being said we will be happy to test and or replace the modules for you and test the modules you send in upon request tell you if they are really failing or not.


If you are having these kinds of problems with any ones modules I would suspect some other problem and keeping an open mind would be most helpful in solving the problem.

Certainly I understand your frustration, but this is really not the way to solve the problem posting blame on any one manufacturer. What is your RMA Number and I will see what I can find out if you like!

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You're right... I apologize for bashing you guys without digging all the way to the root of the problem. Turns out that the heat sink MSI used on the chipset wasn't lined up right. There was actually an adhesive used to stick it onto the chipset, and I didn't notice it until I started poking around on the board and found that it moved a little more freely than it should have.


Once I switched out the board, everything worked great... the memory in particular. The memory scores a 5.5 rating in Windows Vista (the highest ranking component in my system), and that's with only 2 of the 4GB installed.


So... I retract my previous statements. And I'll be happy to recommend you to anyone.



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