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Problem with XMS 4000PT


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i have made a new computer last month with best items for overclocking but i have a problem with my kit Twinx2048 XMS 4000PT modules they aren't stable at 250Mhz ... !?


my config :



Opteron 175

2x1Go XMS 4000PT

Maxtor 40Go 2mo cache IDE

IBM Hitachi 80Go 8mo cache IDE

Enermax Liberty 500W

Leadtek 7600GT 256Mo


at FSB 200 all is ok and XMS 4000PT 200mhz cas 2.5 / 7-3-3 ok 2.8Vdimm

11x200mhz opteron 2.2Ghz ok


at origine timings 10-4-4 cas 3 or 8-3-3 cas 3 FSB 250mhz i can run windows and go to internet, outlook express, run superpi 1M but failure à 32M ! and crasch in all games return to desktop without any message !

mit 11x250mhz opteron 2.75Ghz ok


its not a processor probleme because it take 2.8ghz at 11x250Mhz with 166mhz desynchronisation memory so the memory is at 200mhz and run ok superpi 32M no problem in games with 2 Dark Age of Camelot game full graphism on the same system !!! always at 7-3-3 CAS 2.5 2.8Vdimm


i would like to synchronise my memory just to 250mhz with the cpu to have 11x250mhz cpu and 250mhz memory at origin timings !


i bought this memory 300€ at i want they work


i try 2.8Vdimm and 2.9Vdimm the memory is not stable and crash in game always and superpi 32M failure


what is the problem ?


how to change the memory ? at my shop or at corsair support ?


i repeat the memories where bought february 2007


here the informations written on the memory modules


XMS4000 v1.1








normaly they may work at this frequency and timing


plz i am so disapointed :( and i believe in Corsair power


i have little simple Corsair Value Select 2x1Go DDR400 VS1GB400 with timing 6-3-3 CAS 2.5 on a MSI K8N-Neo2 Platinium with AMD Athlon 64 3700+ overclock desynchronisation 166mhz memory and i go 11x255mhz !!! and i have better performance the XMS :(


need help plz


thanks a lot


maxor, France

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i forgiv i am in 1T


others test


cpu 6x250mhz = 1.5ghz with FSB 250 and memory 250mhz with origine timings 8-4-4 CAS 3


this memory modules goes FSB 200 the cpu 11x220 = 2.420ghz with 7-3-3 CAS 2.5


i dont touch to a64 tweaker


you want my bios configuration ?


yes i mean it have a probleme somewhere with the memory but what is it ?


by corsair memory guid this modules goes right on A8N32-SLI at 265 and 270mhz with 2.8Vdimm


why dont they work by me ?

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no i will make it tomorrow


today i have tested 230mhz FSB 11X230 CPU = 2530Mhz with 230mhz synchronised memory at 7-3-3 CAS 2,5 1T rockstable !


i just change the dimm module place blue slots to black slots i see on forums that it make more stability with 4000PT


i tryed 250mhz and never work


tomorrow i test each modules

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i search on the net


XMS-PC4000 Rev3.1 (3-4-4-8 ) -> Samsung TCCC supported by A8N32-SLI bis 250Mhz

XMS-PC4400 Rev1.1 (3-4-4-8-1T) -> Hynix D5 not supported by A8N32-SLI at 250Mhz


the Corsair Memory Guide make test on the A8N32-SLI with Rev3.1 so with Samsung TCCC chip


can i change my modules Rev1.1 again modules Rev3.1 by Corsair ? or must i change by my shop again other brand with PC4000 ? i had no problems with Corsair by yet :(


what must i do ? how to change the memory modules by Corsair ?


thanks a lot



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  • Corsair Employees
Where are you seeing they are not compatible, The modules based on Hynix were made and ended production before the release of this MB is what I think you are seeing. And I am sorry we dont have any kind of a upgrade option, but we can try and RMA your modules again if you like!
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