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Memory won't run at specified settings/speed, but will run faster!?


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I have Asus M2n32-sli deluxe bios 903

Athlon X2 5200+



With the memory set at 4-4-4-12 2T and tRC-15, voltage auto, the memory runs at 326Mhz 2.6Ghz/8 : cpu/mem (according to cpu-z), and I receive errors in test 5 and 7 with Memtest86+ v1.70, and I get constant application errors during games.

I just tried overclocking the computer to 220FSB, so the CPU runs at 2.8Ghz, the memory set to all the same setting as before in bios, and the memory runs at 2800/8 or 357Mhz, and I get NO errors in memtest, and the computer runs error-free...

This makes absolutely no sense unless the memory is possibly running at 2800/9 or 317Mhz...I do not really want to overclock the computer because I want it as stable and long lasting as possible for my parents.

Also, If I manually set the voltage to 1.9v, the computer is completely unstable and will not even get into bios.


So I guess I just need help trying to figure out why the memory won't run at specified setting...thanks

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Now I am sure the memory is running at 357Mhz and still completely error free overclocked...


Why will it give errors at 326Mhz?


I think I might just leave it overclocked. I didn't have to increase the cpu voltage, the processor still never gets above 47C under 100% load on both cores(I have Arctic 64 cooler), and it is noticably a lot faster which is strange for just a 200Mhz increase....

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That might suggest a Bios bug or the Bios is not seeing that CPU properly, did you update the MB Bios to the latest version and load setup defaults before you set the memory frequency and voltage?
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