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ABIT KV8-Max3 & 2GByte TwinX 3200PT


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Not sure what is wrong - when I install both 1GB sticks regardless of DIMM slot location (mb has three DIMM slots) system will not boot (post produces long beeps with about 1 second in between beeps). If I install one 1GB stick system boots fine. When I install one 1GB stick paired with two 512 sticks (also Corsair 3200) system boots fine (running on this now). I flashed the BIOS but it didn't seem to make any difference. Since the TwinX pack was a small fortune I would really like to make it work. Can anybody assist? I guess realistic alternative is to return the TwinX pack and buy a single 1GB stick of Corsair 3200. As I have researched this problem there was some mention of a Front Side Bus issue.....? If anybody can clarify this problem for me I would really appreciate it.


jrooka01, Overland Park Kansas

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