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Best OC Memory for P5B-D


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Here's a slightly different twist to all the P965 memory compatibility questions. I am building a new system with a P5B-deluxe mobo and I want RAM that the bios will post with, right out of the box. I don't want to buy slow RAM just to bring up the bios and raise the RAM voltage. I think the default RAM voltage on this mobo is 1.8V so the RAM must be able to start at 1.8V (slower than rated speed is OK). Here's the twist: What is the best (2x1G) RAM for overclocking the P5B-D that meets this constraint? PC6400? PC8500? Will all Corsair (2x1G) PC6400 and PC8500 RAM boot under this condition? Again, if the RAM can achieve this by spec'ing a slow jedec std, that just fine.



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