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Hello, I would like to get the ball rolling on the RMA process. I have 2 modules that recently have gone bad. The info is:


Corsair CMX512-3200C2Pro x 2





Long story short, I have tried the Ram in 3 different machines. Either 1 by itself or both, the same thing happens. The middle yello LED light comes on by itself for about 5 seconds, then goes blank. None of the machines will post. Since both modules went bad at the same time, I am led to believe it was a power surge that nuked them.


I am a Level 3 support technician for Illinois State University, and I know my stuff. I tried to submit an RMA request, but I have to come here 1st. So, whats the next step.


One more thing, I purchased the Ram 2 years ago, but I can no longer find the receipt. I believe it was purchased from newegg, but they dont show the invoice. Will this be a problem?


Let me know,


-Todd Thomas

Network Administrator

ISU Bio/Chem/Geo






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