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Stability Woes, ASUS P5N32-E SLI, CM2X1024-6400C4


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I have the ASUS P5N32-E SLI (not plus, not deluxe), and 4 gigs of memory, 2 pairs of corsair twin / xms2 6400C4. (My bios is vs. 902)


I'm pulling out my hair trying to find a stable config, either 2 gig or 4, and am not sure whether I have motherboard or memory problems (or both) at this point. I have tried a wide range of settings, all with some degree of vista lockups and/or failed memory tests.


With 4 gigs in, my most stable configuration has been in linked mode at 853mhz for the ram (4-4-4-12), oddly enough. This config still gives occasional memtest errors though (1 or 2 per 8 passes or so), but has given the best results with actual OS usage (less lockups). At lower settings, 533, or 667, the system seems less stable, as judged by lockups, failed boots, etc. I even tried the exact specs I saw Ram Guy recommend for 4 gig @ 667. I can under lax enough timings, get memtest to complete without errors (I think). I discovered the Vista memory test, however, and running the extended tests, all these settings, including the 853, fail.


I tried testing just 2 gigs at a time, and both failed the vista mem test at various lower settings (533, or bios set to 'standard', 5-5-5-18,etc), and I still have system lockups. Just for giggles I tried the 853 settings I had been successful with, and 1 set passed the vista mem test, the other failed. I am now testing each stick individually with the vista mem test -- 1 has failed, 1 has passed so far. (They all individually passed memtest86+ earlier, but not very comprehensive runs)


Most of the memory voltage settings Ive tried have been between 2.0 and 2.1.


If the problem is merely a bad stick, however, it seems i wouldnt have had such problems at lower settings, and with each set individually. At this point Im getting a little confused as to all the permuations I have tried, and problems Ive seen, and what they all mean -- but thought I'd go ahead and post in case anyone has any advice or specific recommended tests for me to try.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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I definitely had 1 stick of bad memory. Vista extended memory test consistently findsd issues with it, not sure if memtest will (will try that again).


Also, oddly enough, having linkboost in bios DISABLED caused vista to not bootup. Cant explain it, perhaps problem with driver (Vista 64, nvidia 8800 gts).


This wasn't exactly ram related, but looked like it was at first, so posting in case it helps anyone else.


Will try 4 gigs with good ram soon.

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