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Vista and my 16Gig Stick


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Hi everybody,


Big Problem here :


Vista Basic and Ultimate keep rejecting my 16Gb Corsair Stick due to "no drivers available" .


Do i really have to run a virtual machine inside Vista to access my stick (and my Portableapps / Documents / Mailclient / TrueCrypt Containers) ?


VMWare maybe is a solution for my workplace but I bought this stick to maintain customer machines on-the-fly.

With Vista i run into deep ****.


Corsair is killing me, dude. :(:







After i installed my Zen vision M and my Navi Vista Ultimate suddenly worked with my Corsair Stick.

But the Problem ist still present with new customer Notebooks; i plug it in and Vista tells me, it wont work. Does the Corsair 16Gb Flash stick belong to a different driver stack or sth that alike ?

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We have not seen any problems with Vista as of yet, I would suspect this maybe due to drivers for the controller on the NoteBook. Please make sure that you have all of the drivers updated for your Note Book or Books.
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