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Flash Voyager 16 Gb shows as 15 Gb


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I purchased two 16Gb Flash Voyagers and I did read your sticky which says:


...as with disk drives, on flash devices there is small amount of overhead involved with formatting the device. The combination of these two factors causes the operating system to report the slightly reduced number of available bytes on the system.


However, mine show up as 15.1 Gb drives in Win XP straight out of the box. This is no "small amount of overhead" or "slightly reduced number", but a whopping 1Gb. Is this normal and I'm wondering what's left of 1 Gb sticks once Corsair formats them lol :biggrin:

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Right click on the drive and see what is the total size. In Bits!

And its not corsair that is doing the formating its Microsoft if you use another file system like in a mac you would see the whole size, its just the way Microsoft uses the file allocation.

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