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Asus M2NPV-VM and Corsair Valueselect 1gb ram


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Hi, i just bought the ASUS M2NPV-VM and CORSAIR Valueselect 1gb 667 ddr2 ram ( VS1GB667D2 )



It is now up and running . But i read the manual and it says that it don't support x16 chips and 128mb chips. I did a check on my ram and to my horror , this corsair ram that i bought has 16 chips x 64mb.


This ram is also not in the QVL ( qualified vendor list ) of my motherboard. I am thinking of buying another stick of the 1gb corsair ram to run dual channel, but i am afraid that it will not work.


Is the ram compatible with the motherbaord mentioned above ? Can i run dual channel using this ram ?

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thanks alot for clarifying. So that means that the X16 means 16 chips on 1 side and not double side. So it is essecntially 8 x 64mb x 2 side ?


What about running this mem in dual channel ? Will it work ? Thanks for the prompt response

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