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RMA# R234891, Case Number: 91035 - no responses from rma@corsairmemory.com to emails

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RMA# R234891

Case Number: 91035

DHL Airwaybill Number: 2951066720


Returned Merchandise arrived and signed for: March 05, 2007


I tried emailing rma@corsairmemory.com with my queries but has had no replies so far.


Emails #1 and #2 sent earlier this week - asked for update RMA status --> no replies


Then I called 510-657-8747 at 0900hrs Pacific Time today

- spoke with support supervisor

- he confirmed the receipt of the returned merchandise

- advised that new replacement modules should be couriered today

- also advised to email rma@corsairmemory.com to ask for UPS courier tracking number


Email #3 sent immediately following conversation --> no replies


Email #4 sent (1600hrs Pacific Time, from two separate email accounts, just in case first email account got blacklisted) --> no replies so far


Please advise:

1/ whether the new replacement modules have indeed been sent

2/ UPS tracking number for the replacement modules

3/ estimated time of arrival of the new replacement modules to my country



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Thanks RAM GUY for the reply.


However, there seems to be different versions of when the original package was received and when it was/will be shipped.:bigeyes:


This is an email I got from Joann Torres from RMA support yesterday:


"Our system indicates that we received your package yesterday 03-08-07 and it is currently in back log right now.


It is scheduled to be shipped out on 03-13-07"


I am confused.


Please advise regarding this discrepancy.

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The information I have is limited and why I always suggest contacting our customer service, but people still insist for me to check so I will tell you what I have. Please talk to our customer service they will know more details and why I made that suggestion!
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I got further clarification from Genevieve Reyes from RMA support today:


This is an email I got from Joann Torres from RMA support yesterday:

"Your order is on backlog and we have a ship date of 3/14. I do apologize for an inconvenience this may cause you."


I suppose that will be the official shipping date for the replacement modules then.


Now, I can start chasing away the dust bunnies gathering in my new system. Just in time for Easter, eh?:D:


Thanks for your help.

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