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CMX1024-3200C2 Module Bad - Warranty Support Requested


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I believe I've isolated a bad 1g stick of memory in my system. Memory configuration was 2g (2 x 1g sticks of CMX1024-3200C2 400mhz - XMS 3200). It had been running on a MSI K8N Diamond Plus board for almost a year without problems. No changes to hardware have been made during this period. I went to boot up today and nothing posted...i.e. my screen was blank. I have several pcs, so I tested the monitor on another, as well as the graphix card...thinking those might be the problem....since even the bios wasn't posting...screen was blank. Still trying to isolate why it wouldn't display any boot info, I removed one stick of ram and behold I was able to boot with the second stick, in either channel. I also tested the "bad" stick in my other PC (DFI board) and that stick would not boot in that system either. On the DFI board I was getting a memory error in both channels and it wouldn't boot at all. In the MSI (original system it was in for a year-ish) it wouldn't boot, but didn't generate an error on the board. I did get a check sum error on screen, but I cannot recall if that was related to the cmos reset I did during debugging.


I've now had the original system (MSI board) running minus the one stick of ram and it has been functional. I'm not sure if I need to return just the 1g stick or both of the sticks. Appreciate your assistance in helping me to coordinate getting a replacement.


Thanks, Elliott

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