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ASUS M2NPV-VM and Hair Loss


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Well I've been banging my head against a wall on this for 2 weeks now and I'm just not getting anywhere. Here's where I am at this point:


I am still getting constant BSOD. The most consistent one is the IRQL. I rarely, if ever get a message about which driver failed, and when I do bugchecks I frequently see ntoskrnl.sys listed as the possible cause. I also frequently have problems launching apps. I'll click the icon and nothing happens. I then can only move the mouse but get no other response from the system. Can't ctrl-alt-del, can't click on anything, can't use shortcuts, nothing until I hit reset. I've had BSOD while the system is idle, when restarting, when booting, when installing apps, when installing XP, when playing Oblivion, surfing the web, running Symantec scans, you name it. This part (I think) is important: I've also had BSOD in the middle of the XPSP2 install prior to the first reboot where things are still loading off the CD. I can almost never force the BSOD, but if I run a full virus scan with norton it will usually BSOD, but will do so with different stops each time and at different times in the scan. Usually IRQL, but others as well. I'm pretty certain it's not Symantec though since I've had the BSOD while installing XP.


I've done setups with the SW IDE drivers and without. I've used and haven't used the MS dual core hotfix for sp2. I've installed and uninstalled 8.24 and 8.26 drivers. (Reformating the system and reinstalling XP after every attempt.) I've avoided installing all of the firewall tools.


I've given up on the 2nd IDE drive as I get almost no stability at all when it's connected. With the 1 I can usually run for a while before BSOD. I've replaced the old CD-RW with a new DVD-RW. The optical drive never gives me hassles. I run the HD on 1 channel and the DVD-rw on the secondary. Both are jumpered as master.


I've used memtest to check the RAM (Corsair XMS2 Twin) by leaving it running long enough to get 15 clean passes. I've run each stick through at least 4 passes each on their own with no errors. Not once have I recieved an error on the RAM. I've manually set the voltage and timings to 5-5-5-12, 5-5-5-15, 5-5-5-18, and the voltage to both auto and 1.9 in each combination. No impact whatsoever and no errors with memtest. Just more BSOD.


The WD HDD is the exact same drive I used in a system up to the day this new build began. I've reformatted the C partition (2 partitions) and have re-installed XP-SP2 countless times. I've run HDTach, chkdsk, and WD diagnostic tools on the drive and had no problems. I've defragged and reset the swap file repeatedly...still no improvement.


I replaced the older 400w power supply with a new 430W power supply with no change. (Other than being incredibly impressed with that PSU!)


I've pulled, reseated and disabled the Soundblaster Audigy 2zs PCI card repeatedly...no change. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it's newest drivers and have even run the system without the card at all.


I've pulled and reseated the GeForce 7600GT video card and had no improvement. I've used 3 different driver versions and seen no difference.


I've unplugged the front panel USB devices.


I've disabled every device in the bios I can. USB, audio, video, sata all disabled. SMART is disabled, all AMD features disabled. I've tried to disable prefetching and memory hole mapping as well with no luck. I've flashed the BIOS to the newest available and have reset the CMOS by removing the battery and setting the jumpers per the manual.


The processor is an AMD athlon 64 x2 (Windsor) 3800+ 65w.


Temps never get out of hand either. Never above 35C board or CPU. GPU gets a little higher, but not much.


At this point I see no option other than to return the board, but I need to know if there are any incompatibilities, or other issues. If I return this board, get another one, and have the same problems I think I'll just have a heart attack.


Please...someone tell me what is going on!


If I've posted this in the wrong section, my apologies. I compatibility issues is what I need to verify. Beyond that, compared to all of the other support sites I've dealt with, this seems the only one where actual answers are given and not excuses.

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Need a more adequate power supply for your rig. Recommend a power supply with a minimum of either single 26AMP +12v rail or two 15AMP +12v Rail. If you plan on upgrading the CPU or video card in the future, I would recommend higher.
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Uh...this one has 3 16amp 12v rails.


Anyhow I think I found the problem. After a lot more investigating I tried to back the memory down to 667. Haven't had a BSOD or other issue since.


The current BIOS of this board and config just couldn't handle the 800 setting. From what I've put together in research, (which I should have done more of before the purchase) this board is VERY picky on 800 RAM. The problem is that the QVL for the board is tiny and none of the chips are listed paired. Of course I imagine if I had come here first I could have listed the chips and you guys could have told me what model the paired package comes in.


Oh well, live and learn. If you see anyone with issues on a M2NPV-VM running 800, if it ain't on the QVL, then back it down to 667. I know there are others that will work, but it's a crap shoot finding the ones that will.


All that said...since I'll be running this RAM at 667..should I mess with the timings?

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