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Dead Ram?


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Hi everybody!

A few days ago I got a bluescreen on my computer and a second later it reebooted. Then I couldn't load Vista anymore because of some kernel error. The OS wanted me to boot from the cd and then try to repair vista and try again but without success. A friend of mine told me to check the memories so I ran memtest. Memtest registered a lot of errors straight away so I took both out and ran memtest again on one at a time. One of them showed no error but with the other one the computer refused to boot at all... No strange signals or anything, the harddrive just didn't start loading.

Both of the memories are found in Bios when together but nothing works...

Have one of them crashed or could anything else be the problem?


I've had them for about a year on my XP system working perfect, but now after a few weeks on vista 64-bit they suddenly crashed. Also, I never got them to work with the recomended timings of 2-3-3-6. Is that normal or have I used wrong voltage settings or something. I use 2.75 if I remember corectly.


Best regards


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