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memtest errors

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i'm running an abit an8 32x. i disabled all legacy usb options. i set my ddr voltage to 2.8 (goes in .10 increments). i do have a DDR Reference Voltage setting that is at -20mv by default, does anyone know what that is? anyway the memory in question is TWINX2048-320C2PT. I have 4 one gigabyte sticks installed, just got them monday all bought at the same time. i put them in the board, set the ram timings by SPD and let memtest run.


the next morning i find it's failed test 2, pass 1, failing address 001212b6908 - 4626.3mb, good 00000000, bad 00000040, err-bits 00000040, count 29. cached 4095MB, rsvdmem 276, mem map e820-std, cache on, ecc off, test std, pass 9, errors 29, ecc errors of course not applicable.


so i set the timings to manual with the following timings and i get almost the same error in memtest only test 3 fails, pass 0, same failing address as above, good 01010101, bad 01010141, err-bits 00000040, count 2, and the rest looks the same only 0 passes and 2 errors. it ran a shorter time than the previous test. ok so here's how i have the manual timings set.



DRAM Clock - DDR400

Cas Latency - 2.5

Row Cycle - 9 clocks

Row Refresh Cycle Time - Auto

Min Ras# Active Time - 6 clocks

RAS# to CAS# Delay - 3 clocks

RAS# Precharge Time - 3 clocks

RAS# to RAS# Delay - 2 clocks

Write Recovery Time - 3 clocks

Write to Read Delay - 2 clocks

Read to Write Delay - Auto

DRAM Command Rate - Auto

Read Preamble Value - Auto

Max Async Latency Value - Auto

Bank Interleaving - Enabled

Burst Length - 4 Beats

DRAM Drive Strength - Normal

Force 64 Bit mode always - Enabled

R/W Que Bypass Counter - 8

Bypass Max - 4

Idel Cycle Limit (ILD_Lmt) - 16 cycles

Dynamic Idel Cycle Count - Enabled

Odd Divisor Correct - Disabled

DQS Hysteresis - Enabled

32bit DRAM Memory Hole - Enabled

MTRR Mapping Mode - Continuous


according to what i've read i know cas latency is 2.5, ras to cas is 3, row precharge is 3 and active to precharge delay is 6, but i dont see row precharge or active to precharge delay.


could ramguy or one of you other pro's tell me what i've got set wrong? i know this brand new ram can't be defective?

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you could take the time to post that but not a solution? wtf is the world coming to?


screw you corsair and your ram too. this is about the 3rd time i've bought ram with errors. no excuse after three tries. only 2 of the 4 sticks i got this time are good. i'll be sure to RMA them and try a better brand this time.



thanks for nothing

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I am sorry you feel that was and for the delay, but I would suggest getting the latest bios for your MB and test the modules one at a time after you load setup defaults and set the Voltage to 2.75 Volts and with 4 modules you may need to run the memory frequency at DDR333, but test them one up first and lets make sure one is not failing.
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