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My voyager flash have poor benchmark result


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excuse me for bad english.

I'm from Italy. I have acquired one pen drive of 1Gb and as soon as arrived I have head with hdtach and ATTO benchmark. Unfortunately I have had one disagreeable surprise: the pendrive have lowlands performances: 2 Mb/s in writing and 9 Mb/s in reading. But it is possible? or it is damaged the pendrive orThe voyager he is slower of my old Super talent.... much slowest one?. pendrive could be broken?


tanks for support.

best regards

Vito D.

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thanks for the answer.

I have formatted the pendrive in fat32.

I have execute the test (also with HDTUCH and on other computers) the results they are identical:

Speed of reading: 10.5 Mb / s

Speed of writing 2.5 Mb / s


While the speed of reading is acceptable.... the speed of writing is ridiculous indeed. My old A-data pendrive (very obsolete pen drive) it did in writing 5 Mb / s.

Is possible that the voyager has a writing speed so low?

(The same results I have gotten them with a 2 ghz Centrino Dell laptop.)

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