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Corsair 4gb USB flash drive quality and reliability...


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I am a big corsair fan.. I use Corsair power supply, Corsair water cooling and corsair extreme memory in my PC. They work great! I use corsair cause they are really reliable and I dont mind spending the extra $$ for a better brand.


So I bought corsair 4gb usb flash drive on 8/28/06. I use my flash drive a lot and do have another flash drive, the sandisk titanium. Within 2 weeks from the time I bought the corsair, cap became loose and well off. So I sent an email to a helpful corsair rep and they sent me more caps. But they wouldnt stay on. In the recent month, the usb connector became loose and two day ago, it broke and got stuck in a computer. I am starting to wonder their quality and reliability like other corsair products. I dont know whether its covered under warranty but I probally wont be buying another corsair flash drive unless they fix defects like loose usb connector and the cap that doesnt stay on. My sandisk is strong and its almost 2yrs old and works great. This is probally the worst $100, I have ever spent.

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