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TWIN2X2048-6400 Problem


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I've sufficiently tested these memory sticks to confirm my suspicions. One is bad, the other is good. I tested this by placing both in the motherboard, watching the PC not post, then testing each one individually. One works, the other does not.


Unfortunately I am in a bit of a fix. I need the computer to now type a paper that is late for a college class. The reseller I purchased this item from wants both sticks, and I need to be up and running over the next couple of weeks to finish my work. At the same time, I really need that extra memory!


Yes yes, I am aware of the RMA process! Here is a question: Can I send ONE stick back while I keep the other?



Just so we are clear:


Bios has been flashed to newest version

OOTB mb did not post with memory before flashes

No overclocking ( not yet... :( )

Compatibility issues were researched and dismissed as the problem

There is no hardware that would be conflicting with the memory


This has never happened with Corsair memory for me. Kinda upset. Lets see how we can get this fixed.

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