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HX620w Airflow


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I am considering a HX620 for replacing my current power supply (a decent high efficiency PSU with a 600w continuous rating) which I will be using for a new second system build.


I will be using the HX620 with a BadAxe2, QX6700, 3 hard drives, 1 optical drive, and a single 7950GT graphics card. I am confident that this PSU will be quite adequate for my needs. I have read all your literature on this PSU and have only one question:


Is there any information or charts available (similar to the noise level graph) that could tell me what the approximate airflow (CFM) would be for the various loads?




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Yes, I have seen the noise level charts... quite nice. What I am trying to find out is how much CFM the fan in the power supply will be drawing out of the case, particularily at the low speed (and low noise) range of operation. Just trying to balance the case airflow. Knowing the maximum airflow at the highest speed would be nice too. There is no airflow info on your product page.



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