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Gigabyte GA-965P-DS4 + TWIN2X 2048MB 6400 C5


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Ok here is the problem, i recently upgraded to a new videocard, but then with that upgrade a problem arose.


There were hardware lockups from the beginning, but not at this rate. And not frequent enough to be a real problem.


When running just windows there is nothing wrong, no lockups, no errors, nothing. When i start gaming, that is where the lockups occur.

The machine locks, a monotone beep comes from the speakers and only a reset helps and the motherboard boots up from backup BIOS.


It was with Company of heroes that I had a real problem, i locked the machine up when starting the game, at every attempt. Reinstalling Windows Vista or Windows XP.


So i went on with testing, one memory strip at a time first with Prime95 to see where the problem might be, and i had an error on the first run, then installed the second strip of memory and tested again, an now there where no errors.


The i went on to testing with memtest86+ 1.70 and that is where the weird things happen. The testing itself finds no errors, but the system hard locks after 20min with the VDIMM at 1,8V (standard) and within 2min at 1,9V.

Also, with both DIMMs installed the lockup occurs faster than with only one.


So my question is: Is it the memory, or is it the motherboard?

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