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72 Hours = 11 days and counting?

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"Replacement will be sent via 3-day shipping method. It will be processed by Corsair within 72 hours of when we receive it (usually sooner), or you will be contacted."


My bad ram stick RMA reached Corsair on Thursday, Feb 22nd (says my UPS tracking number).


On the 28th I emailed Corsair asking for the tracking number of my new ram to see when I would recieve it and got "Our system indicates that your order is going to be shipped by the next 24-48 hours."


Its now Monday, March 5th, and its still not here nor have I even gotten an email saying its shipped.


I'm glad I only sent in 1 of my 2 sticks, because if my computer was out of service for this long I would really be mad.


But seriously, how much longer am I gonna have to wait? (RMA# R230359)

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I am sorry I can’t check it for you right now, please bump this in the morning and I will check for you or call our customer service at 888-222-4346 Ext "0" after 8:00 AM Pacific Time tomorrow!
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