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XMS4000PT TwinX Failing

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Last week I was running Nero Vision 4 to recode an avi file onto DVD. When Nero finished, and I exited the program I got a BSOD complaining of a stop 1d memory fault, anyway I rebooted and got another BSOD page_fault_in_non_paged_area. I ran system restore and recovered the system registry! Suspecting the RAM I downloaded memtest86+ and ran it. It was ok for 5 passes but I have had around 372 fails on test 8, writing all F's but reading back FFFFFFFB or all F's D, alerting there could be a fault with data 2, and or data 1, as it read back 1011 instead of 1111, and 1101 instead of 1111. I have run several tests now I set my RAM to 480Mhz and it was error free for 12 hours on test #8. I have had my CPU running at 2.64GHz (240*11) at stock speed (2.2GHz), and at 2.4GHz (240*10) it still passed error free for 8 hours, with the RAM at 480MHz. It seems that if I go above 240Mhz (480Mhz DDR) the RAM fails! This does not make sense as it is rated at 500MHz Cas 3 @ 2.75V. It definately is the memory and not the controller integrated into the CPU. Can you please advise.

Thanks in advance,

Jon Mackie.

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