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Is it enough?


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Hey people


Didn't know if it was alright to post this thread here but here goes.


I currently have an Antec NSK6500 but after seeing the Antec P182 I know it'll be my next case. However the 430w Antec PSU which resides in the 6500 has really short cables + I'm not that keen on running my rig with only 430w. So my question is: Will I need the 520 or 620 in my rig? I have thought about adding another X1950Pro. Will the 520 be able to handle Crossfire?


CD2 E6400 (perhaps E6600 later)

Gigabyte GA-965P-DS4


3x Hitachi T7K500 320GB

MSI X1950Pro (perhaps crossfire later)

X-FI XtremeMusic

Samsung SH-S183A

3x 120mm fans


Also, even though all the reviews I've seen of both Corsair power supplies have been no less the excellent I'm a bit concerned about all the complaints concerning buzzing units. Is this a widespread problem?


I should also add that the prize difference between the HX520 and HX620 where I live is 30 dollars.


Thanks :):

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Just received the PSU!


Started by jumpering the green and black wire to get an idea of the noise levels. Fan started spinning and shortly there after I got the loud clicking noise, but that was of course expected as there was absolutely no load on the PSU. I can understand that some people think their unit is defective, as it almost sounds as if a wire is hitting the fan blade or a blade is hitting the casing.

I then proceeded to hook up all my peripherals (see specs) and then powered up the rig and then! BANG....silence :biggrin:. I can't believe how quiet this PSU is :bigeyes: The only thing that irritates me now are my three Hitachi T7K500 idling! And this setup was tested outside the case.

Putting my ear right up onto the fan on the PSU reveals a very very faint buzzing from the internals (which is normal) and the normal bearing sound. But this is very faint to the point of being non existent and disappears when I get about 10-15 cm from the unit. This is pretty much as silent as it'll get.

People stating that a fan can be absolutely silent is being plain unrealistic. A unit that has moving parts will NEVER be silent unless it would have some kind of air pressurized compartment instead of ball bearings.

Finally I took out my multimeter and started measuring the 3.3, 5 and 12 line which were 3.39, 5.05 and 12.11


Very nice Corsair :headbang:

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