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Dragon 2 KT880, Corsair value Select PC3200, memtest failures

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Good morning all



Alright, so i decided to pull my rig apart and rebuild it into a new case. I have been having issues, so at the same time i decided to do a windows install and reapply thermal paste, that sort of thing.



I put my ram back into the system and had the windows install fail for different reasons....the install itself would go fine, but first actual boot up would always have issues, and i found that i had re-installed about 4 times before finally having to give up and start troubleshooting.


ran memtest86 off an openSUSE install dvd. around 15% and 30% the errors started coming with both sticks in....had about 14 total errors that time if i remember right. I swapped slots and reran the tests. got the same results


i stopped the tests and tried each one on its own. one seemed fine, the other had the errors. Okay, no problem....i can install windows on 512mb and upgrade later.


but the windows install failed again. Ran memtest once again on the "good stick" and got errors this time. okay, i accidently swapped the good stick for the bad stick.....so i swapped back and retested.....same errors.


frustrated, i started the RMA process and in the meantime bought some more ram.


i needed to get this system going again, so i re-ran the memtest on both sticks at the same time. this time around, i got around 50 something errors. I got my RMA info and decided to just let go.



yesterday, the new sticks of ram showed up. i put them in and ran memtest....and i got errors sometime between 15% and 70%.


dumbfounded, i had a friend test the ram in his system using the same discs.


at 78% he still had no errors. to me, this means that the new ram is actually good....which might mean that the VS ram could be good also


this coupled with some other strangeness about my motherboard (the board won't reboot sometimes, it just powers off), lead me to think that the board might be the problem, but it is out of warranty and no longer made. I was told that i should consider doing a can of air to the slots to blow out dust, just in case.


can anyone tell me what may cause this behavior? would tiny dust in the system cause this many headaches with my ram?

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thanx for the fast return on the ram.


unfortunately, it seems that since i bought 2 more sticks of ram, with the intention of getting 3gb going, i've made an error, and now the 2x512mb ram i got back from you all is incompatible with the 2x1GB on this board.


before i pull the ram out, does anyone know if i could run all 4 sticks in my system single channel without the R/W test failure i'm getting?


2x512mb Corsair VS PC3200

2x1GB OCZ premium


Total that SHOULD be there: 3072mb

total ram showing up: 2800mb

total ram missing: 272mb (more than 1/2 of the 4th channel corsair stick?)



the system is detecting things in Dual Channel. I've got the timings down to the lesser 3-3-3-7/8 supported by the OCZ sticks.


windows turns on fine after i've acknowledged the R/W error....in fact, i'm on the system now, somewhat baffled.


i checked my manual for my MB and it states that for Dual Channel to work, 2 or 4 sticks of equal size and specs must be installed....well, i've got 2 of equal size with each other, and another 2 of equal size with each other....figured that would work, but i guess not, eh?


It also states that the highest memory capacity is 4gb, but that the total memory will be "less than 4gb. the reason for this is that the BIOS, PCI, and AGP cards claim part of your CPUs address space."


i have to assume they meant that those cards claim part of my RAMs address space, for this to make any sense to me....could this be the reason that i'm missing 272mb of ram when installed this way?




thanx for any help!

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