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No display

admiral kim

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Literal configuration:

Abit Fatal1ty FP-IN9

Intel Conroe E6700

2 x DDR 8500 Corsair Dominator

Geforce 8800GTS 640Mb

Corsair 620W PSU (audiable electrical buzzing noise (like a dimmer light) which is louder than the PSU fan)

Mouse connected to USB or Mouse port (mouse shows standy in either)

Keyboard connected to USB or KB port (power to device appears serverly delayed)

No fans connected to onboard fan headers.

No other devices.


Literal Connection configuration:

PSU modular PCI Express connector to Geforce 8800GT

PSU 24 pin connector to motherboard

PSU 8 pin connector to motherboard

PSU Rail 3 used to power 1 x 80mm fan.

PSU Rail 2 unused?

no connector to motherboard connector (molex 4 pin marked for PCI Express power)



All devices powered but no keyboard power until 20 seconds after power on and then sometimes intermittant.

All motherboard standby lights light up red, when power button pressed green light (indicating power on) comes on and stays on.

And no display at any time.

Switching off power at wall socket, standby lights and power remain on for about 15 seconds (noticeably much longer than other PSU).


PC is connected to Level 3 filteration (maximum) on my Isolator socket extension, monitor is plugged into Level 2 and a halogen 15watt light to Level 1. No other devices in the house switched on.


This 620 was purchased from overclockers.co.uk on Monday 26th Feb 2007.

(I don't however overclock, thats for lucky people!) :roll:

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So far I've only tested for a few seconds I don't want anything this expensive to burst into flames. Any suggestions for the next step in my test appreciated. :):


bonus question: I read alot about connecting the positive connectors from cases buttons correct to the positive connection on board header, which is all well and good if there was a way to know what is waht, so does anybody have any idea whatsoever what the positive wire looks like, in the past it was line up the arrows, now no arrows just lots of colors?

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Standard AT and ATX color code:


Black wire - ground (0 Volts)


Yellow wire - positive 12 volts


Blue wire - negative 12 volts


Orange wire - positive 3.3 volts


Red wire - positive 5 volts


White wire - negative 5 volts


ps: the Blue (negative 12 volts) and White (negative 5 volts) wires are seldom used to power anything on an ATX system anymore.

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I know thats the color coding for power cables. What about the case panel wires (the ones that say things like HDD Led/ PWR SWTCH etc) they're all different colors paired but all paired with a white wire each, so I wonder is the white cable + or - it doesn't say on the cable but the board has a + on the left or all the colored connections.


Aside from this what should I do about getting this PC to work, I've been trawling google for days looking for anything on this board and issues regarding PSU without luck *yawn* - but my test so far is limited to turning it on seeing the monitor isn't displaying anything (after 4-5 seconds) and quickly shutting off the power before $4000 blows up in my face. :p:

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After perusing the Antec 900 case manual, it looks like they've decided to use a non-standard color-coded wiring scheme (most cases use the standard ATX scheme for the case leads). Possibly to use up a ton of white wire they had in inventory. I suspect they're using white as ground. To figure out the exact values for the colors with that case you'll need to consult the Pin Assignment diagrams on page 3 of the case manual to see what color wire is coming out of each listed value pin. In case your missing the case manual, here's the link:



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What are the possible causes that there is no display when PC switched on?


Motherboard diagnostic power lights come on showing all ok and fans come on, but no display and no lights on keyboard until about 20 seconds after power on (mouse powers up instantly though.)


Please somone who has an idea list all possible diagnosisis for this, I really need to get this fixed soon before the DOA warranties expire. :(: :(: :(:

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