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DFI sli-D CMX1024-C2PT


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Hi, ramguy!

I just upgraded my a8n-sli premium to a ut lanparty sli-d to obrain more from my 4600 x2, 'cause i was making a new system form my girlfriend, now running the a 3800 x2 on th asus.


The problem is i cannot maintaing anything stable at cas 2 (it was working before!). Also the processor now runs really hotter idles at 40 and 58 under load with a thermaltake big water wc cooling on it!.

Already replaced arctic silver 3 times....


RAM are 2 cmx1024-c2pt in dual channel....always worked like a charm on asus.


I'm a lil worried with dfi, maybe you can suggest me a bios revision for the dfi sli-d?

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That might suggest it does not see the CPU correctly, I would suggest just updating to the latest bios version and load setup defaults and then set the memory voltage and timings manually to Cas 2-3-3-6 at 2.75 Volts!
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