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Not a happy bunny...


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Dear Ramguy and friends,


I've always been a Crucial fan. No real reason other than I bought some years ago, it worked flawlessly and I tend to stick with what I know. They've never let me down either with their product or their support.


So, why did I buy Corsair this time around? Well, simply because the supplier had both the board and the RAM in stock at the same time and I felt Corsair to be a respected brand, also. I checked your webbie configurator doo-dad and the RAM and the board were listed as compatible. Hurrah!


I've spent the last week or so giving myself (more) grey hairs whilst trying to get my spanky new

TWIN2X2048-9136C5D RAM to play nice with my equally spanky new Asus P5N32-E SLI mobo and the spankier than a spanky thing that's been to the Universty of Spankiness and attained a Doctorate in being spanky, Intel QX6700 processor.


In UK monetary terms, this small pile of bits amounts to what it would cost to to on a rather cool vacation to, say, Florida for a week or to hire a Ferrari F430 for the weekend, or buy a really nice Cartier watch, or to throw a really wild party for my closest friends.


After trying everything I can possibly think of including manual timings, beta BIOS releases, different video and chipset drivers, reading the worlds most boring forums, sacrificing live chickens over my PC (okay, not the last one), I've come to the conclusion I've been sold a Citrus limonum...


There appears to be a lot of evidence pointing to this not being a winning combination of parts. To cut a long story short, this thing isn't stable beyond 800MHz RAM bus speed. It certainly can't behave itself for more than a few minutes running World of Warcraft (yes, yes, don't snigger at the back, please...) without said game losing the plot when it comes to what's going on in RAM and succumbing to the urge of a BSoD and having a little lie down. If it boots properly at all, that is.


Therefore, I've ordered an EVGA 680SLI which I hope will arrive on Saturday, at which time I will have the pleasure of undoing all my lovely cable-management and slotting it in place.


I will have the protracted and likely painful conversation with my supplier vis-a-vis the Asus board, tomorrow.


So, when the EVGA board arrives, if the above named Dominator RAM doesn't perform at the advertised 1142MHz, I will be buying an aeroplane ticket to California and I will take up residence in your underpants drawer armed with a placard that reads, umm, something pithy and scathing... Okay, I haven't quite thought that bit through, but believe you me, I will *not* be a happy bunny.


Thank you for your attention in this matter,


Yours sincerely,



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First thing did you get the latest bios


and then load setup defaults


and test the modules one at a time with http://www.memtest.org at the tested settings Memory Voltage set to 2.2 Volts with SLI Ready memory set to CPU Max?


With Legacy USB disabled


Ahh... Bugger... Ok, didn't do the last bit.


That aside, the P5N32-E SLI is sitting in its box ready for return to the supplier. What was really odd (for me, anyway) would be that I could configure the RAM in BIOS as per the guidelines provided (for the EVGA board, translating them into "Asus speak") and the thing would be rock-solid in memtest with both modules in place and at (near) the advertised mem clock -- mem bus speed was being reported as 1143 rather than 1142 {shrug}.


It would also not flinch or bat an eyelid at hour after hour of stress-testing with Prime95/Orthos, 3DMark06, Folding@home, SiSoft Sandra, the Nvidia nTune stability test widget or any combination of the above -- I even had four instances of Prime95, the nTune tester *and* 3DMark06 running concurrently at one point.


However, after 12+hours of the above, as *soon* as I wanted to get stuck into the World of Lagcraft, it would, sooner or later, sometimes after a few seconds, sometimes after an hour or more, CTD with an exception error trap (the infamous and vague "error #132" in WoW-speak) or, less often, it simply BSoD'd. This error is one of those "We don't actually have a handle on this right now, so we're going to stall for time by getting you to trawl for drivers, defrag your drive, re-install the app, wash the dog, re-wire the house, build your own nuclear power-plant, etc." type errors.


Anyway, the Asus board issue is kind of moot, now -- my EVGA 680i arrived, yesterday and I spent the afternoon coming to grips with its own unique foibles and quirks, not least of which being Foxconn's "interesting" placement of certain connectors. The good news is that the RAM was recognised immediately and seemed even to pick up the right settings without any manual intervention other than to enable "CPUOC MAX" and a couple of processor tweaks (the board wanted to run my QX6700 with a x7 multiplier yielding an unimpressive 1.8GHz speed :confused:).


I'm now trying to manage-out a processor heat issue which has caused (I'm certain) several of the lock-ups I experienced last night -- no #132 errors were experienced, mind.


When I get this sorted -- I'm hoping it was just slackery on my behalf in ensuring a good coating of heat paste between CPU and h/s-fan -- I'll report back with stability findings.


Cheers for now,



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