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need an rma for bad ram


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ive been getting wierd bsod or total system lockups since i installed the second set of ram i bought for my home build after reading the website and trying different bios configs and such i finally got frustrated and called tech support. they suggested i try to remove all ram and start the system with one stick and see if xp would boot up or not and if not that is the bad stick. So i started testing and 3 times booting windows then powering down to switch sticks all worked fine the fourth stick however just kept giving me bios cannot start messages and wouldnt allow me to continue. so i tried it in another slot and got the same results. i pulled it out and tried one of the previous ones i know was good and it passed bios and started xp no probs. Id like to request an rma for the set with the one bad stick. Do i need to send both back or just the bad one? thanks for the help. btw system specs are asus m2n32 sli deluxe wifi-4 gigs total of cm2x1024-6400c4 (4-4-4-12 800mhz) 160gig seagate, evga 8800gts superclocked 640mb, amd x2 +5200 , asus cdrom, lg dvdrom, arctic pro freezer cpu cooler, and ultrax infinity 600 power supply.


thanks for your assistance.


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