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problem with CM2X1024-5400C4


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I have a pair of Corsair XMS2 DDR667 modules (CM2X1024-5400C4, XMS5402v6.3, 0617053-4, 1024MB, 675MHz, and I can't get them to work on my Asus P5N E SLI.


If I use only the first module, it works perfectly in every of the four slots! Memtest doesn't report any errors.


However if I try the second module, the computer does not even show the BIOS screen. The fans move and the hard disks spin up, but after a few seconds I get a very annoying beep that does not end. I tried to put the second module in all available ram slots - without success.


I get the same symptoms if I put both modules in the slots (tried every possible combination at least twice).


After a BIOS update to the latest version and some tweaks (memory timings, LDT factor) the seconds module still refuses to run.


Then I tried the module in a completely different PC, and it did not boot either. Just a blank screen, nothing more. Tried another slot, still no luck.


After that I tried the module again in all four slots in my own PC, still doesn't work. No BIOS screen - just that annoying, neverending beep.


Then I tried the first module. It still works flawlessly. I'm out of ideas. What shall I do? Is there a BIOS option or some other secret I do not know?


Do I RMA both modules, or only the one that does not work? If I RMA only one, will I be able to use the RMA'd one with the working one in DualChannel? If I RMA both, shall I mark the one I consider defect?


Thanks in advance!

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The replacement arrived today. Finally no more annoying beeps :)


I have a question though: when I set the memory voltage to auto, I get a memtest error. When I set to 2.0V, everything is fine (three memtest passes without errors). I would just like to know if this is normal (the RAM is specified as 1.9V isn't it?).


Thanks for all your help, RAM GUY!

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