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CMXP512-3200XL Usage


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Recently purchased 2 CMXP512 3200XL modules for use on my Abit IS-7 board (4 slots, has dual channel capability). Was planning to use these with 2 existing CMX512 modules (to get 2 Gig total). These CMX modules are running well at ~2.77 volts (at 2-2-2-5) and with most other BIOS settings on 'AUTO'. I assumed these new ones would also run at the same voltages and settings but other questions arose so thought I'd get your advice first. Here are my questions:


1) Are these 2 pairs of very similar but not identical modules going to be compatible on the same board? If so, should my initial trial retain 2.77volts (setting is 2.8) or something lower? AND will Dual Channel be possible?


2) Can the new CMXP modules be installed in Slots 1 and 2 and the CMX modules installed in Slots 3 an 4? (I raise this question because the CMXP modules include heat dispersion cap(s). Since these are paired caps it appears that these CMXP modules must be installed in adjacent slots.)


3)Must these caps be used for proper operation and Warranty coverage or are they an option that could be left off if system temps are not a problem?


Here are #s off the modules:

From the CMXP512 -- Serial# 0000011844 XMS3208v1.1

Lot Code 0506041-2


From the CMX512 -- Serial# 0000000599 XMS3208v1.2

Lot Code 0510040-1

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They might run at those settings together, but since you get them as single modules they would be guaranteed one up only sorry. But they are using the same memory IC so they will likely work NP in D/C but I would set the memory voltage to 2.8 Volts with that MB as long as its the latest version of the MB.
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