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A8V Deluxe + VS512MB400x2 keeps Crashing


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Hello,hopefully you can help me:)


My PC keeps crashing every day especially when I play one of the newer Games, like C&C 3 or Company of Heros (both demo) or other high Ram Intensive Games.


But also other Games like CS:Source or Red Orchestra crash too after some playing(but not always).


Even watching a normal DVD or surfin in the net will sometimes crash my PC.

I'm quite frustated and i don't really know why this happens.



My First thought was about the Ram being broken.But today i ran memtest86 für about 10 Hours. After 24 passes there was no Error, so now i'm completly confused.


My Asus Board is Revision 1, got fooled in the Shop but didn't recognize it. I wanted a Rev. 2. Well **** happens.


Could the Rev. 1 cause that my System is unstable ?


Or Probably wrong RAM Timings ?


They are 2.5-3-3-8 CL-RCD-RP-RAS at the moment and the T2 Command is activated in my Bios as mentioned somewhere in this Board.


The Bios is Version 1017.


I'm running a full updated and Clean Windows XP SP 2.


The Rest of my System is shown in my Profile.


Looking forward for your help.



Greets Malborex


PS: Sorry for my bad english.:o:

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