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P5N32-E SLI error CMX 1024-6400


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I have just purchased a P5N32-e Sli mobo and 4 sticks of Corsiar CMX 1024-6400


when I try and start the board with all 4 sticks I can't even get into the Bios


when I start with 2 sticks what ever the slots I put them in I get errors using memtest+ ver. 1.70, and 1 stick always seems hotter than the other


when I test 1 stick at a time I get no errors wherever I place them and whatever the stick


any ideas


I have tried seeting the voltage at 1.9, but the same problems arrives


any help


I am thinking the the mobo is defective :mad:

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Please set the memory frequency at 667 MHz manually and set the Command Rate to 2T and then set the Voltage to 2.0 Volts and exit saving changes and let the system try to boot to a floppy of CD and then turn it off and install all of the modules and see if it will post and let you into the bios and load setup defaults and set those same settings and then test the system with legacy USB disabled with http://www.memtest.org.
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Okay have tried this


Still cant get in the bios with the 4 sticks,


I was able to to boot and have no errors using 2 sticks in the A1 B1 slots, but the stick in the B slot is far far hotter than the A slot, and I'm worried that it will burn itself out, as amost untouchable


I presume that the command rate is the CMD in the bios (as was a little unsure)


for info am running the BIOS update 0902 even though its beta, same problems with the earlier bios (stable version) though

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my PSU is a ENERMAX Liberty EL620AWT


have 4 slots in all and it seems that the sticks heat up whan placed in the 'B1 or B2' slots when there is one in in the 'A1 or A2' slot


But when only one stick is in the B slots there seems to be no problem


I am running 3 HD in Raid5 and a Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 and 2 NX7800GTX graffic cards, plus 2 DVD


thanks again for your help


Have just checked the connections for my MB and have realized that I have only 1 of the 2 ATX plugged into the MB , and as I am running a dual core, it seems that I have to plug in both, as I have jus noticed this from reading PDFs at work, so will try this when I get home, as maybe this is the / one of the reasons that things are not working correctly


okay I have plugged in the second atv12V, but changes noting, no boot in 4 gigs even with the above settings and with 2 gigs I get almost imediate errors, in normal settings and with above setting (2volts) no errors but B1 stick is far hotter than the A1 stick


so is this a mobo problem or bad sticks when together ??

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