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USB connector came off memory stick (4Gig Flash Voyager)


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This morning, the USB connector on my 4Gig Flash Voyager (purchased March 7, 2006, from http://www.newegg.com) came off of the memory stick. This happened as I was removing the drive from it's USB port on my laptop. That is, the body of the stick came out, while the metal connector cage stayed firmly plugged into my laptop. (I then got an error message on my laptop saying that the memory stick had malfunctioned, so I quickly powered-off the laptop and gently removed the broken metal connector cage from the USB port.)


Obviously, the memory stick does not work now. It's as if the little metal strips connecting the metal connector cage to the stick melted or became weakened or something. I've never dropped the drive or had a problem with it in any way before today.


I love this little drive and have used it approximately every other day--in my laptop's USB drive--since it arrived in the mail just under a year ago.


What should I do? I am concerned about mailing in my 4Gig Flash Voyager to tech support, as the drive has piles of personal/family information stored on it. (I have this info backed-up elsewehere. It's no problem if I lose the information stored on the flash drive.) But I would really like to have my 4Gig Flash Voyager drive working again--it's a great product!


Help? Many thanks in advance.

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OK, thanks!


But one thing before I send it in for replacement . . my 4Gig Flash Voyager has piles of private information (credit card numbers, etc.) stored on it. (It's not a big problem if the info is lost, as I have it backed up elsewhere. It's only important that it not be shared.)


How can I send in the Flash Voyager for replacement while protecting the private info?

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