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ASUS P5N32-E SLI : Successful Corsair Memory Configurations?


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Have there actually been any?


I am also having problems with this motherboard, my setup is as follows:


ASUS P5N32-E SLI (BIOS 0901 latest)

Intel Duo 6400 @ Stock speed

2 x CM2X512A-6400 - DDR2-800 (XM2S-6400) 5-5-5-15-2T @ stock speed, manually set timings and automatic voltage (1.9v according to pc probe)


I have 4 identical dimms in total equating to 2 GB total memory and for the life of me I can’t get them all to work at the same time.


I have attempted to be as systematic with my testing and fault finding as I could but just when I think I have it narrowed down to a single dimm causing a problem I get more errors. I get both errors using memtest86+ and random game crashes in windows.


I think it seems to be a problem with the memory running in duel channel mode as it seems stable whenever I use just two dimms on the same channel.


I have all my memtest86+ results I can post but I am not sure if they will show anything as I get random errors after prolonged testing.


Is it worth me RMAing and replacing some\all of my dimms to try again or should I give up on this type of memory for this motherboard?


Have you at Corsair tested this motherboard with your ram? I selected ram for this motherboard based on the Memory Guide results on the main site.


Please help, this is driving me mad.



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Thanks for the reply ram-guy.


All 4 sticks are version 4.1 and have the same code on them although one pair has a slightly different size font and warranty sticker.


1 pair has a white sticker (warranty if removed) across the heat spreader and the other pair does not, instead having a shiny small sticker on top of the dimm bridging the separation gap between the two spreaders.


I spent the entire night testing with memtest86+ last night and I can actually get one pair to run completely stable in duel channel mode running 800mhz, 5 5 5 12 timings at 1.9v (the pair with the shiny sticker).


The other pair, actually the newest (only got them from scan.co.uk a week ago) will always show errors in duel channel mode or individually. (still at the same 800mhz 5 5 5 12 settings at 1.9v).


I tested both pairs for over 10 hours in memtest.


Do you think some sticks behave differently then others with this motherboard?


Like I said they are both the same version number but the dimms do not quite look identical.


I will test the unstable pair again tonight at 667mhz and 2.0v and see if they stabilise but if I can get one pair to run at 800mhz then it stands to reason that I should be able to run all 4?


If there is any other information I ca give you to help solve my problems please let me know.




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