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Strange Behaviour after RMA

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I just got back an RMA'd stick of CMX512-3200C2 and the stick works, all by itself, and my other stick which is older, and has an older revision, works as well, seperatly. The problem is now when I put them into the dual channel slots, just like I did before my 1st stick went bad, the system will not post. BUT if i put the two sticks in the single channel banks i can post but my computer fezzes once in a while. Weird HUH? I also ran memtest for 6 hours strait on both modules separate and installed and NO errors show up?? So i am really confused and also find this embarrassing as I have been working with computers for many years but never had such a problem. Is it possible my motherboard, which is a DFI lanparty with default settings has somehow gone bad and doesnt allow dual channel; to work, or is the problem with 2 different revisions of ram, OR is my other stick that I thought was good actually bad???? Thanks
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