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RAM troubles


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Hmm where to start.


Back in December I built a machine based around the Abit AW9D-Max motherboard.


I am using Value Select DDR2 667 RAM sticks, 1 GB module kit (2x512mb sticks).


When I first built the machine I installed the DIMMs incorrectly, which caused all kinds of problems. (I put them into slot 1 & 2, when it should have been slot 1 & 3) I rearraged the DIMM's and hey presto everything worked fine.


Fast forward a couple of months, Saturday gone in fact, and my system crashed, and it started to display the same symptoms as when I had the DIMM's in the wrong slots. Mainly stop errors blaming the video device driver, and random reboots in the Windows XP environment.


I have ran memtest86 and got over 80,000 errors all around the same memory address. I removed one of the DIMM's and ran memtest86 again and got no errors at all.


However, I'm still displaying the same symptoms. I'm aware that it could be the video card thats at fault, but obviously one of the DIMM modules is faulty and the PC is running on one of the sticks currently.


As you can probably tell, I'm a little confused and frustrated at the moment.


So a couple of questions:

Does the dual kit of the memory modules work when there is just 1 RAM stick installed?


Secondly, I will have to RMA the memory back to the retailer since I live in the UK. How long after I buy the RAM can I return the memory, and I may not have the original packaging any longer, would that matter?


And lastly, if it is a faulty video card, is it likely to fry a working set of RAM?


Any and all help is massively appreciated.

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  • Corsair Employees

The first thing to do would be to test the modules one at a time with http://www.memtest.org and lets make sure one is not failing.

Second, yes if you have a failing component in your system Especially CPU or Video Card it may generate errors in a memory test.


And our Value Select kits are made with two single modules. So yes the modules will run one at a time with out problems.


If you suspect other hardware problems its best to test them in another system if you can!

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